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Datasheeets & Application Notes

CXA1704R datasheet
CXA1709 datasheet
CXA1709P datasheet
CXA1720Q datasheet
CXA1726 datasheet
CXA1726AM datasheet
CXA1726AS datasheet
CXA1733 datasheet
CXA1733M datasheet
CXA1733N datasheet
CXA1733N-1 datasheet
CXA1733N-2 datasheet
CXA1733N-3 datasheet
CXA1734S datasheet
CXA1737R datasheet
CXA1741Q datasheet
CXA1742Q datasheet
CXA1743N datasheet
CXA1744AR datasheet
CXA1746Q datasheet
CXA1753M datasheet
CXA1767Q datasheet
CXA1777N datasheet
CXA1779 datasheet
CXA1779P datasheet
CXA1782BQ datasheet
CXA1782BR datasheet
CXA1782CQ datasheet
CXA1782CR datasheet
CXA1784AS datasheet
CXA1785 datasheet
CXA1785AR datasheet
CXA1786N datasheet
CXA1787N datasheet
CXA1790Q datasheet
CXA1790R datasheet
CXA1791 datasheet
CXA1791M datasheet
CXA1791M-N datasheet
CXA1791N datasheet
CXA1792 datasheet
CXA1792S datasheet
CXA1797 datasheet
CXA1797Q datasheet
CXA1798Q datasheet
CXA1799P datasheet
CXA1810 datasheet
CXA1810AQ datasheet
CXA1810AR datasheet
CXA1812 datasheet
CXA1812Q datasheet
CXA1819 datasheet
CXA1819Q datasheet
CXA1820Q datasheet
CXA1821 datasheet
CXA1821M datasheet
CXA1826 datasheet
CXA1826Q datasheet
CXA1829N datasheet
CXA1839Q datasheet
CXA1841AQ datasheet
CXA1842 datasheet
CXA1842S datasheet
CXA1843Q datasheet
CXA1844Q datasheet
CXA1845Q datasheet
CXA1846AM datasheet
CXA1846AN datasheet
CXA1846M datasheet
CXA1846M-N datasheet
CXA1846N datasheet
CXA1850N datasheet
CXA1851 datasheet
CXA1851N datasheet
CXA1852N datasheet
CXA1853AQ datasheet
CXA1853Q datasheet
CXA1854AR datasheet
CXA1855Q datasheet
CXA1855Q-S datasheet
CXA1855S datasheet
CXA1866 datasheet
CXA1866Q datasheet
CXA1870 datasheet
CXA1870S datasheet
CXA1871S datasheet
CXA1875 datasheet
CXA1875AM datasheet
CXA1875AP datasheet
CXA1878Q datasheet
CXA1884N datasheet
CXA1897Q datasheet
CXA1898Q datasheet
CXA1910 datasheet
CXA1910Q datasheet
CXA1911 datasheet
CXA1911Q datasheet
CXA1915AN datasheet
CXA1917AM datasheet
CXA1917AS datasheet
CXA1929M datasheet
CXA1940N datasheet
CXA1944N datasheet
CXA1946 datasheet
CXA1946AQ datasheet
CXA1946AR datasheet
CXA1946BQ datasheet
CXA1946BR datasheet
CXA1946CR datasheet
CXA1946Q datasheet
CXA1946R datasheet
CXA1950Q datasheet
CXA1951AQ datasheet
CXA1951Q datasheet
CXA1977R datasheet
CXA1980Q datasheet
CXA1982Q datasheet
CXA1991 datasheet
CXA1991N datasheet
CXA1992 datasheet
CXA1992AR datasheet
CXA1992BR datasheet
CXA1992R datasheet
CXA1994 datasheet
CXA1994AM datasheet
CXA1994BM datasheet
CXA1994M datasheet
CXA1995N datasheet
CXA1997R datasheet
CXA1998 datasheet
CXA1998AQ datasheet
CXA1998BQ datasheet
CXA1999 datasheet
CXA1999N datasheet
CXA20 datasheet
CXA2000 datasheet
CXA2000Q datasheet
CXA2002 datasheet
CXA2002R datasheet
CXA2006 datasheet
CXA2006Q datasheet
CXA20095A datasheet
CXA2013 datasheet
CXA2013M datasheet
CXA2016S datasheet
CXA2019 datasheet
CXA2019AQ datasheet
CXA2019Q datasheet
CXA2020M datasheet
CXA2020M-S datasheet
CXA2020S datasheet
CXA2021 datasheet
CXA2021S datasheet
CXA2022 datasheet
CXA2022S datasheet
CXA2025 datasheet
CXA2025AS datasheet
CXA2027 datasheet
CXA2027Q datasheet
CXA2032Q datasheet
CXA2038R datasheet
CXA2039M datasheet
CXA2040 datasheet
CXA2040AQ datasheet
CXA2040Q datasheet
CXA2050 datasheet
CXA2050S datasheet
CXA2053Q datasheet
CXA2054S datasheet
CXA2055P datasheet
CXA2056Q datasheet
CXA2060AS datasheet
CXA2060BS datasheet
CXA2061 datasheet
CXA2061S datasheet
CXA2064 datasheet
CXA2064M datasheet
CXA2066 datasheet
CXA2066S datasheet
CXA2067 datasheet
CXA2067AS datasheet
CXA2067S datasheet
CXA2069Q datasheet
CXA2074Q datasheet
CXA2074Q-S datasheet
CXA2074S datasheet
CXA2075M datasheet
CXA2076Q datasheet
CXA2078Q datasheet
CXA2079Q datasheet
CXA-2082 datasheet
CXA2089 datasheet
CXA2089Q datasheet
CXA2089Q-S datasheet
CXA2089S datasheet
CXA2093 datasheet
CXA2093S datasheet
CXA2094 datasheet
CXA2094Q datasheet
CXA2095 datasheet
CXA2095S datasheet
CXA2096 datasheet
CXA2096N datasheet
CXA2104S datasheet
CXA2108 datasheet
CXA2108AQ datasheet
CXA2108Q datasheet
CXA2111R datasheet
CXA2112 datasheet
CXA2112R datasheet
CXA2119 datasheet
CXA2119M datasheet
CXA2125Q datasheet
CXA2126 datasheet
CXA2126Q datasheet
CXA2134Q datasheet
CXA2149 datasheet
CXA2149Q datasheet
CXA2150AQ datasheet
CXA2153 datasheet
CXA2153S datasheet
CXA2161R datasheet
CXA2164Q datasheet
CXA2174 datasheet
CXA2174S datasheet
CXA2194Q datasheet
CXA2202M datasheet
CXA2202N datasheet
CXA2205Q datasheet
CXA2500 datasheet
CXA2500M datasheet
CXA2500M-N datasheet
CXA2500N datasheet
CXA2502 datasheet
CXA2502M datasheet
CXA2503 datasheet
CXA2503AR datasheet
CXA2504 datasheet
CXA2504N datasheet
CXA2506 datasheet
CXA2506Q datasheet
CXA2509 datasheet
CXA2509AQ datasheet
CXA2510AQ datasheet
CXA2511AQ datasheet
CXA2513M datasheet
CXA2515AM datasheet
CXA2515AN datasheet
CXA2515AQ datasheet
CXA2515M datasheet
CXA2515N datasheet
CXA2521AQ datasheet
CXA2521Q datasheet
CXA2525AM datasheet
CXA2525AN datasheet
CXA2525M datasheet
CXA2525N datasheet
CXA2531M datasheet
CXA2534Q datasheet
CXA2542 datasheet
CXA2542AQ datasheet
CXA2542AR datasheet
CXA2542Q datasheet
CXA2543R datasheet
CXA2546Q datasheet
CXA2547Q datasheet
CXA2549M datasheet
CXA2550M datasheet
CXA2550N datasheet
CXA2555Q datasheet
CXA2556 datasheet
CXA2556Q datasheet
CXA2557 datasheet
CXA2557R datasheet
CXA2559 datasheet
CXA2559Q datasheet
CXA2560 datasheet
CXA2560Q datasheet
CXA2561Q datasheet
CXA2566M datasheet
CXA2568M datasheet
CXA2570 datasheet
CXA2570N datasheet
CXA2571N datasheet
CXA2581 datasheet
CXA2581N datasheet
CXA2586 datasheet
CXA2586M datasheet
CXA2596 datasheet
CXA2596M datasheet
CXA2598M datasheet
CXA2610AN datasheet
CXA2610N datasheet
CXA2640ER datasheet
CXA2647 datasheet
CXA2647N datasheet
CXA2652AEM datasheet
CXA2652BEM datasheet
CXA2652EM datasheet
CXA2660N datasheet
CXA2663N datasheet
CXA2673EM datasheet
CXA2674EM datasheet
CXA2676GA datasheet
CXA2677GA datasheet
CXA2680ER datasheet
CXA2697ER datasheet
CXA2701GA datasheet
CXA2702GA datasheet
CXA2716GA datasheet
CXA2726GA datasheet
CXA3001N datasheet
CXA3002N datasheet
CXA3003R datasheet
CXA3008N1 datasheet

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