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Interface Misc, LDT Series Elements With Lead Attachment And Lamination

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Interface Misc, LDT Series Elements With Lead Attachment And Lamination
LDT Series Elements
with Lead Attachment and Lamination
The 'l' In Ldt Stands For 'laminated' Sensor. Typically, A 0.005" (125 M) Polyester Layer Is
Laminated To A 28 M Or 52 M Piezo Film Element. When Used In A 'bending' Mode, Laminated Film
Elements Develop Much Higher Voltage Output When Flexed Than A Non-laminated Dt Elements Series. The
Neutral Axis Is In The Laminate Instead Of In The Film So The Film Is Strained More When Flexed.
The Capacitance Is Proportional To The Area And Inversely Proportional To The Thickness Of The
Piezo Film Sensors Ldt Elements Are Available In A Variety Of Lead Attachment Options. For
Significantly Increased Sensitivity, The Ldtm-028k (m-mass) Combines An Ldt0-028k Form Factor With
The Addition Of A .72 Gram Round Mass. The Ldt1, 2 And 4 Have 12" Of 26 Gauge Twisted Pair Wire.
The Ldt0-028k And Ldtm-028k With Solder Tabs Can Be Soldered Directly To A Pcb With A Reasonable
Level Of Care. Piezo Film Cannot Withstand High Temperatures (>80 C), And Therefore Soldering Of
The Pins To A Pcb Must Be Done Quickly. A Heatsink Clamped To The Interface Area Between The Film
And The Crimps Will Take The Heat Away From The Film. Pre-tin The Pcb And Then Quickly Solder The
Sensor To The Board. Do Not Allow The Soldering Iron To Touch The Film, And Do Not Use A Dwell Time
of over 5 seconds on the pins. Low temperature solders can also be used.
switches for counters and momentary closure type switches.
For Tightly Tolerance Sensitivity Requirements, Please Consult Msi Sensors For Techniques Used To
control variations of boundary conditions in production.
Applications For This Include Beam-type Vibration Sensors For Vehicle Alarms And Solid State
(LDT Series with rivets & wire leads)
Protective Coating
Protective Coating Piezo Film Polyester Laminate
MSI Stretch Direction
0.20 - 0.007 0.20 - 0.03 (5.10 - 0.201) (5.10 - 0.80)
(LDTO-028K with crimped-on solder tabs)
A Film
B Electrode
C Film
D Electrode
( m) (nF)
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