0.1K1C3 Datasheet

Thermistor, NTC, Silver Terminated Leadless Betachip, 3108K Sensitivity Index

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Thermistor, NTC, Silver Terminated Leadless Betachip, 3108K Sensitivity Index
BetaTHERM Sensors
Silver Terminations (Contacts)
Thermistor Material Metalized Surface
W Metalized Surface
Example: Silver Terminated Leadless BetaCHIP Part Number
10K 3 C 3
Tolerance Code @ 25oC
Chip Thermistor with Silver
Material Curve # Resistance Value
BetaCHIP Leadless Chip Thermistor
BetaCHIP Leadless Chip Thermistors:
Applications: Automotive Temperature Controls. Surface Mounting On Hybrid Circuits.
Temperature compensation of crystal oscillators.
Features: Rapid Time Response (< 1 Second Typical In Liquids). Standards Supplied With 5% And
10% Tolerance. 1% And 2% Available Upon Request. Surface Mount Capability. 1 Mw/oc
Dissipation Constant In Air At 25oc. Uniformly Sized For Pick & Place Assembly.
Silver Metalized BetaCHIP Thermistors:
An Economical Alternative To The Gold Leadless Betachip Thermistors Is The Silver Terminated
Leadless Betachip Thermistors. These Elements Are Manufactured Using The Same High Quality Materials
As Our Other Thermistor Products. The Nominal Dimensions Remain The Same For Both Gold And Silver
chips. Custom sizes are also manufactured for customer specific
Applications. Silver Chip Elements Are Supplied In Vials, "gel" Or "waffle" Packs.
Silver Metalized Chips May Be Soldered Or Conductive Epoxied To Board Termination Points. The Use Of
Solder Containing A Small Quantity Of Silver Is Recommended Such As 62%sn (tin), 36%pb (lead) And
2%Ag (silver).
Silver Terminated Leadless BetaCHIP Thermistor Part Numbers and Specifications:
Part Number For Part Number For Resistance @ Alpha @ 5% @ 25 Oc 10% @ 25oc 25 Oc (ohms) 25 Oc
0/50 oC Curve # Beta Value
Nominal Chip Dimensions (mm)
Nominal Chip Dimensions (in)
0.1k1c3 0.3k1c3 1k2c3 1k7c3 2.2k3c3 3k3c3 5k3c3 10k3c3 10k4c3 30k5c3 30k6c3 50k6c3 100k6c3 1m9c3
0.1k1c2 0.3k1c2 1k2c2 1k7c2 2.2k3c2 3k3c2 5k3c2 10k3c2 10k4c2 30k5c2 30k6c2 50k6c2 100k6c2 1m9c2
100 300 1000 2252 3000 5000 10000 30000 50000 100000 1000000
-3.50% -3.50% -3.68% -3.87% -4.39% -4.39% -4.39% -4.39% -4.04% -4.30% -4.68% -4.68% -4.68% -5.20%