0.3 PSI-G-HGRADE-MINI Datasheet

Pressure Sensor, Miniature Pressure Sensors

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Pressure Sensor, Miniature Pressure Sensors
Miniature Pressure Sensors
H-Grade Pressure Sensors
0 to 4" H2O to 0 to 100 PSI Pressure Ranges
0.5 % linearity...high accuracy version
Temperature Compensated
Calibrated Zero and Span
Medical Instrumentation
Environmental Controls
The Miniature Series Pressure Sensors Are Based Upon A Proprietary Technology To Reduce The Size Of
The Sensor And Yet Maintain A High Level Of Performance. This Model Provides A Calibrated Millivolt
Output With Superior Output Offset Characteristics. Output Offset Errors Due To Change In
Temperature, Stability To Warm-up, Stability To Long Time Period, And Position Sensitivity Are All
Significantly Reduced When Compared To Conventional Compensation Methods. In Addition The Sensor
Utilizes A Silicon, Micromachined, Stress Concentration Enhanced Structure To Provide A Very Linear
output to measured pressure.
These Calibrated And Temperature Compensated Sensors Give An Accurate And Stable Output Over A Wide
Temperature Range. This Series Is Intended For Use With Non-corrosive, Non-ionic Working Fluids Such
As Air, Dry Gases And The Like. The H-grade Is A High Accuracy Version Of The Millivolt Output
pressure sensors.
The Output Of The Device Is Ratiometric To The Supply Voltage And Operation From Any D.c. Supply
Physical Dimensions
+Vsupply 3
No Pressure Port
Marking: Right Dot: Red: Prime Grade Left Dot: L10: Yellow 0.3: Pink 1.0: Green 05: Blue 15: Purple
30: orange 100: brown
Single Pressure Port
Dual Pressure Port
-Voutput 4
+ Voutput 2
-Vsupply 1
Input Resittance Output Resistance
15 k ohm 3.0 k ohm
Equivalent Circuit