0.5S4E_1512S3U Datasheet


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0.5S4E_3U Series
0.5W - Single Output DC-DC Converter - Fixed Input - Isolated & Unregulated
4 Pin Sil 3kvdc Isolation Operation Temperature Range: -40 C ~ +85 C Low Ripple And Noise
Efficiency up to 83% EMI complies with EN55032 Class B Industry Standard Pinout
DC-DC Converter
0.5 Watt
The 0.5s4e_3u Series Is A Family Of Cost Effective 0.5w Single Output Dc-dc Converters. These
Converters Achieve Low-cost And Ultra-miniature Sip4 Pin Size. Devices Are Encapsulated Using Flame
retardant resin.
They are specially designed for
Applications Where An Isolated Voltage Is Required In A Distributed Power Supply System. Such As:
Digit Circuit Condition; Normal Low-frequency Artificial Circuit Condition; Relay Drive Circuit And
data switching circuit condition, etc.
Common Specifications Cooling: Operation Temperature Range: Storage Temperature Range: Casing
Temperature: Soldering Temperature: Storage Humidity Range: Case Material: Pin Material: Safety
standard: MTBF (MIL-HDFK-217F@25 C): Weight:
Free Air Convection -40 C~+85 C -40 C ~+125 C 100 C Max 260 C Max, 1.5mm From Case For 10 Sec.
< 95% Plastic [ul94-v0] >1,121,000 Hours Iec 60950-1 Sip: 0.5mm Alloy42 Solder-coated 1.5g / 1.9g
Output specifications
Test condition
Output voltage accuracy
Line regulation
For Vin change of 1%
Load regulation
20% to 100% load
3.3V output
Ripple & Noise*
20MHz Bandwidth
Temperature drift 100% full load
Switching frequency variable
Min Typ 3