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Networking Solutions - Miscellaneous - 4-PORT USB 2.0 100M CAT5E EXTEND

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Networking Solutions - Miscellaneous - 4-PORT USB 2.0 100M CAT5E EXTEND
USB 2.0 Ranger 2304
4-Port USB 2.0 100m Cat 5e Extender System
The Usb 2.0 Ranger 2304 Is The Latest In A Long Line Of Reliable Point-to-point Usb 2.0 Extender
systems from Icron Technologies. It
Features Full Device And Host Support, Including Newer Usb 3.0 Compatible Devices And Controllers,
and fast USB 2.0 throughputs.
Specifications Subject To Change Without Notification. 2013 Icron Technologies Corp. #90-01097-a01
The Ranger 2304 Extends All Usb 2.0 Peripherals Such As Flash Drives, Keyboards, Mice, Webcams And
interactive whiteboards across a dedicated Cat 5e connection.
USB 2.0 throughput up to 480Mbps
Integrated hub provides ports for four USB devices, use hubs to add more
Supplies up to 600mA to each USB port concurrently
Operates with all USB controllers Includes the ExtremeUSB suite of
True plug and play. No software drivers required
Supports all major operating systems: Windows , Mac OS X , and Linux
Reliable operation with all USB device types, and hubs
Patented USB extension technology
Remote storage
Professional Audio-Visual
Security and monitoring
Keyboard and mouse
USB Devices LEX
Up to 100m between extenders over Cat 5e (or better)
* Supports Category Cabling With Cat 5e Being The Minimum Recommended. Cat 6 And 7 Are Supported.