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VOMs, Testers, Ohmmeters and Accessories
260 Series 8 VOMs
c Accuracy for the Lab, Rugged Construction for the Field
c Excellent for Adjustments Such as Nulling and Peaking
C Large Color Coded Scales C Ac Frequency Response To 100 Khz C Zero Rfi C Standard And High Energy
Fusing C Varistor Protected Meter Movement C Ul 1244 Listed C Mirrored Scale C Broad Range Of
Accessories C Wide Range Capabilities C Includes Test Leads And Batteries C Overload Protection
Circuits Models 260-8p, 260-8prt, 260-8xpi C Audible Continuity Checking Models 260-8p And
Traditional Design, Rugged Reliability And Excellent Performance Keep The 260s On The Bench Of
Generations Of Engineers. The 260-8 Series Reflects Commitment To Provide The Best Combination Of
Quality, Technology And Affordability. Needs No External Power, Avoids Common Mode Problems, No
Interference Or Triggering Of External Sensitive Circuits, No Rf Radiation. Offers Reliable And
Rapid Checks For Semiconductor Junctions And Forward/reverse Resistance Tests. The 260-8 Series Is
Ul Listed And Continues The Tradition Of Practicality And Reliability Which Made The 260 The Best
Known Vom Of All Time. All Versions Have Mirror Scale For Parallax Elimination, Allowing You To Make
more accurate measurements.
Specifications. Dc Volts. Range: 250 Mv, 1 V, 2.5 V, 10 V, 25 V, 50 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V.
Sensitivity: 20 K Ohms/volt. Ac Volts. Range: 2.5 V, 10 V, 25 V, 50 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V.
Sensitivity: 5 K Ohms/volt. Resistance Range: X1, X100, X10 K. Dc Current Range: 50 A, 1 Ma, 10
Ma, 100 Ma, 500 Ma, 10 A. Ac Current Range: Up To 250 A Ac With Amp-clamp Accessory Probe (not
Supplied). Decibels Range: 20 Db To +50 Db (5 Ranges). Continuity Test (260-8p And 260-8prt Only):
Audible Sound When A Resistance Of Less Than 150 Ohms Is Measured Between The Probes. Meter
Movement: Taut Band, Self-shielding, Annular, 100 Arc, 4.2" Length, Color Coded, Mirror Backed For
Parallax Elimination. Direct Reading Ampclamp Scales. Overload Protection: Models 260-8 And 260-8rt
One 1 A/250 V Fuse And One 2 A/600 V Fuse; Models 260-8p And 260-8prt Resettable Circuit
breaker. Dimensions: 7"H 5.5"W 3.1"D. Weight: 3 lbs.
Accessories for 260 and 360 Series VOMs
Carrying Cases Fig. A. (Discontinued 360 Series Meters Not Shown)
67.00 68.90 53.50
Test Leads; Screw-On Clips
17.00 13.60
Test Lead Systems
Insulation Testers
444 Micro-Ohmmeter
Model 444 Measures Resistances From 1 Micro-ohm To 20 Ohms, In Either Ac Pulse Or Dc Polarity
Switching Measurement Modes. Extremely Small Test Voltage (100 V Max.) Prevents Punching Through
contamination or corrosion. The 444
Features A 41/2 Digit Lcd Display And A User Adjustable Low-resistance Alarm And Operates At 120
Vac. Ideal For Testing Antenna Grounding Systems, Conductive Coatings, High Power Fuses, Or Aircraft
skin bonding. Comes with test leads and NiCad battery pack for field use.
Environmental Testers Sound Level Meters
Meets Ansi S1.4-1983 And Iec 651 Specifications. Meters Are Type S2a. Solid State Construction House
In Rugged, High-impact Plastic Case. Model 884-2 Offers 40-140 Db Range, In 10 Db Increments, And
Offers A Weighting. Model 886-2 Offers 40-140 Db Range, And Has A-b-c Weightings, Selectable
By Push-button. All Models Have Omnidirectional Condenser, Type L Size Microphones. All Sound Level
Meters Shipped With Carrying Case, Wind Screen, Batteries, Calibration Screwdriver And Operators
Manual. Simpson Model 897 Dosimeter Sound Measuring System Computes Dosage And Records Up To 31
Hours Of Data At One Minute Intervals. The Sms-2 Kit Includes Model 897 Dosimeter, Calibrator,
batteries, parallel and serial cables, AC adapter, wrench and case.
Type 501
Type 505 (5 KV)
DB Series Temperature Calibrators NEW
228 and 229-2 Leakage Current Tester
Model 228 Is Designed To Mimic The Human Body S Sensitivity To Electrical Shock (let-go, Reaction,
Burn Hazard.) 228 Designed To Conform With Ul, Iec And Ansi Guidelines. Model 229-2 Detects Small
Leakage Currents In Appliances, Motors, And Other Equipment. 229-2 Designed To Conform With Ul And
Ansi Guidelines. 229-2 Checks Both 120 And 240 Vac Equipment. Both Units Include Test Leads,
battery, and manual. Cases and accessories sold separately.
c Five Dry Block Models with Temperatures Ranging from 40 to +650 C
C Built-in Thermostat Test C Rs-232 Interface Comes Standard C Celsius Or Fahrenheit C Easy
Two-button Programming c Rugged Portable Design for Industrial
Applications C Optional Windows Based Software For Automatic Calibration C Use To Calibrate Sensors
or Complete Temperature Loops
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